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Clean My Car

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The Executive


Polish and Detail


Everyday clean  plus


  • Hand polish exterior paintwork

  • Dress interior and exterior plastics and rubbers


Paintwork cut/polish

 and buffing available.


Range of service and prices vary along with condition of paintwork.


Just Clean ME!!


Everyday clean plus Whatever you would like - just ask


  • Cleaning and dressing of

  • dash

  • console,

  • doors and

  • all plastic trims within the passenger area and boot space.


Q. -What makes us different to everybody else out there doing the same thing?       A. - The result.


The products we use are of high quality and reputation, not the cheapest bulk buy we can find. We firmly believe there is a right product for the right job, not one generic product that  does everything.


When it comes to polish and detailing services we allocate enough time to do the job fully and completely, not rushing to finish fast, so we can get to the next job.

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We make it shine...

Even better service

Pick up and drop offers no worries car detailing.


Sometimes the car park is just not a suitable place to have the car detailed so we can now take it away and return it looking better than ever.


We are here to help - let us know if we can

Isn't it time to treat your car to the care it deserves? Whether you need to have your car fully detailed, regularly cared for or require a once off transformation service, we will tend to your individual needs and take the time that is needed to have your car looking right.

Sunshine Coast Car Detailing

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