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How to Detail a Car


Learning how to detail a car is an important skill to have. While driving through the car wash is important to do often, a quality, detail cleaned car keeps its value and feels good to be in.


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Learning How to Detail a Car 

To detail your car, work through the following steps. It takes a bit of time, but the finished product is well worth your investment.


Start with a thorough washing of the outside of the vehicle. This removes any of the easy to clean dirt from the car. Use a hose to rinse the car. Use mild detergent or specific car cleaning supplies to wash the outside of the car. A washcloth can help to remove excess grime.

Pay close attention to the wheels, fenders, lights, and details on the front and back of the car. If these are particularly dirty, use a detail brush to clean them out. You will need to scrub the wheel walls to get them clean when detailing a car.

Use the same solution or a spray solution to clean the doorjambs. The door needs to be opened up to find the doorjamb. Be sure to wipe out all debris here, including in between the rubber folds.

Check the weather seals and trim on the doors next. These need a bit of attention to detail. Often, these can become rusted, especially when not cared for properly. Use a specialized detergent for this or the same mild soap.

To remove some of the ground-in dirt that may be dulling your vehicle's finish, use a clay based cleaning product found in car shops. This product should be used as the directions state. You will most likely apply the product in bar form, use a spray to lubricate the clay, and then work it into the paint. After you finish, you will need to wax the car to seal the surface properly.

When it comes to waxing the vehicle, before you can choose a wax to use, you need to take into consideration the state of the car's finish. If the finish is in good shape, choose a combination polish and wax product. If the finish needs more attention, choose a two-step product that will polish and then wax the finish.

Once you have waxed the vehicle, paying close attention to the details, the only other item to focus on is the shining. Use a microfiber towel for the best results. You may need to pull the wax out using a detail brush, which you can find at most car repair shops. Detail cleaning kits are also often available.


Detailing the Inside of Your Car

While there are some aspects of a car's exterior that can present a challenge, it's the interior of the vehicle that usually requires the most elaborate cleaning methods. There are more cracks and crevices, and this is where people spill drinks and food particles. The following steps will teach you how to detail a car on the inside.


Start with the carpets. Vacuum them thoroughly. To remove any stains from them, use a stain remover and a bristle brush. Keep the amount of moisture you use to a minimum to reduce the amount of mildew growth.

For the upholstery, use a vacuum attachment to get into each of the crevices. Use the same solution you used on the carpets to clean the upholstery.

Clean the door interiors using a mild detergent and towel. In some situations, you can spray the door down with the solution and scrub it clean. Avoid moistening the electrical or fabric areas of the door.

Next, shine the windows. Use a window cleaner. Apply the cleaner, wipe off, and dry with another towel for the best results. Do the same with mirrors.

You can clean the dashboard and the console area using the same solution mix. Use detailing tools to get into each of the crevices and cup holders. Be sure to thoroughly dry the surface to remove as much of the moisture as possible. Use canned air to help you with hard to reach areas.


A complete detailing will take a few hours to do. A well maintained vehicle is worth the work and is less expensive than paying for this service