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 There is a range of interior detail services available

  • Interior clean and shine

  • Interior shampoo and detail

  • Leather Care for those with leather seats and trims


An interior service is for those who want / need a revamp on the inside.

The kids or footy team just might have made a mess on the inside and some special attention will restore the look and provide additional protection from the sun and other foreign substances.


Use this service after a road trip or extended period where dirt etc has been dragged from one end of the car to ther other.  I just know there is dirt, dust, sand and food everywhere at the end of a long enjoyable road trip. Let someone else do the cleaning up.


We all spend time in our vehicles and whether it’s for business or pleasure or even both, we want your ride to feel and look incredible.


Prices will vary dependant on car type and condition of car you have and the service you choose. Prices are estimates only and will depend on the condition of your car.



       Interior Shampoo and detail

Cars - hatch / sedan / wagon  $160 -$200     4WD - SUV - Vans - from $160 - $220


Extra dirty, extra big, and/or lots of sand may attract a surcharge


Time for service is 45-90 mins


The interior detailing service includes


Vacuum seats, carpets and boot area

Clean, dress and shine



                    *Door trims

                    *All plastic and rubber trims

Shampoo seats and carpets - or apply leather care

* quotes provided


Many of our clients schedule regular cleans for their cars.

Why? -  lifestyle, time    or simply because         they want to.


Regular scheduled customers are rewarded with additional services and discounts throughout the year.


Experience a clean         car by budgeting         from just                     $10 per week.

Detailing services for your car ...

What a perfect opportunity -


 have the car cleaned while it sits at work 8 hours a day.

    Consider a Polish                                 to complete the job

INTERIOR DETAIL - freshen up the inside

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