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No one likes to admit their car looks like a landfill, but that's often the case. As we spend more time in our cars than ever before, we need to do something about it. Now is the time for a Clean Car Revolution! It's time to do something about whatever it is in the back of your car that goes "skssssssssss, thunk" every time you make a turn. It's time to stop being disgusted by the ground-in goldfish crackers in the carpet and the juice spots on the seats. Can't cope with the to-go coffee cups you stash in your cupholders and "forget" to remove for DAYS? Well, let's do something about it! The time to tidy your car is now, friends. Make it your New Year's resolution.



Using tips like these that we've learned from others, and drawing upon our own collective wisdom, we've come up with a list of the Official Rules of Car Cleanliness, just for you:


Rule No. 1: Don't put a lot of crap in your car in the first place. We know this sounds simple, but that's only because it is. Items that go in your car should be necessities. Ask yourself if your kid really needs to bring along his 1,000-piece puzzle, juice box, gummy fruits, pull toys and swim floatie on a trip to the grocery store. We understand that snacks and beverages have to be taken in the car for any number of reasons, and even toys can be a necessity, just be sure to think it through. Try to select water instead of juice, and easily vacuumed snacks instead of sticky, gooey ones. Keep toys small, but not so small they get lost under the seats. You don't want your car looking like a yard sale in waiting.


Rule No. 2 (if you simply must bend Rule No. 1): Keep a small basket or organizer in your cargo area to house items like first-aid kits, sunscreen, wipes and diapers, plus anything else you like to keep in there. Look for a trunk organizer with Velcro, hooks or mounts so you can avoid having it slide all over the place. If your car came with a cargo net, use it! The neat thing about nets is they hold anything, regardless of size or shape. They're a great way to ease yourself into organizing — just be careful where you keep your stash. While ones that hang on the back of a seat look practical and helpful, we tend to avoid anything like that. What's more destructively tempting to a 4-year-old than a nice, tidy organizer full of toys, tissues, pencils and paper within kicking distance? Fun with a capital F!


Speaking of annoying, let's discuss Rule No. 3: Don't buy CD holders, sunglass clips or anything else that attaches to the sun visor. They almost never work as promised, and usually wind up looking junky and messy. In addition, they render the visor useless. If you can't find proper space for a few CDs and their cases, it's time to tidy the rest of the car (jump back to Rule No. 1).


Rule No. 4: Have Clean my Car Mobile Detailing wash the car regularly. One of the best things to happen to our car-cleanliness habit was the use of Mobile detailer on the Sunshine Coast. For $35, we get a wash vac windows and more "Everyday Clean" If you want to spend more for a better wash, you can do that, too. Clean my Car also perform polish and interior details. Woo-hoo!


If you need to tidy things up inside your car, the make the habit of taking everything out of the car when you get home. A quick go-through of your car, even if it involves nothing more than removing trash, will make you feel so much better, but if you have an extra minute, why not wipe the seats down, too? It may leave some major grime in the backseat between the seat bottom and the back, but you can just be a little more thorough with the next go-through. On the organization front, has some that look hopeful. We would love to try the Carganizer Vehicle Organizer and the Kids Back Seat Organizer (the compact version). There's also a cargo organizer that looks very flexible, though you can't strap it down to anything (it does have grippers on the bottom to prevent shifting). There's a trunk organizer at that has some promise, as you can anchor it down. Stay tuned, as we're hoping to try them out ourselves soon and tell you how well they really work.


So there you have it — some of our most adoptable tips to make your vehicular life a little more enjoyable. You don't need to change every habit, just adjust them ever so slightly to make your daily adventures less cluttered and less plain-old gross. Let's just not bring up the subject of our homes...

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