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Transformation - Make it new


This service includes all the items in the Everday Clean plus Make it Shine plus                                        


  • Hand wash outside including wheels - includes wax in the wash

  • Chamois dry - includes door and boot sills and jambs

  • Wipe over and dust- dash, door trims, console and instrument panel

  • Windows cleaned inside and out

  • Vacuum seats, floors, and boot

  • Tyre shine and dress tyres and mudflaps


PLUS.....Make it Shine




  • Hand polish of paintwork

  • Treatment and dressing of plastic and rubber mouldings




  • Cleaning and dressing of dash, console, doors and all plastic trims within the passenger area and boot space.


PLUS.....Make it new


  • Shampoo carpets

  • Shampoo seats or

  • Clean and condition leather seats

  • Doors are cleaned, shampooed or dressed (depending on materials)


Shampooing seats and carpets will extract dirt and other unfriendlies that are lying beneath the surface.

Overtime there is a build up of grime, grease, body sweat, spills from food and drink, and the odd biscuit that got away and then was ground into the floor or seat.


Shampooing the interior will bring back that clean fresh look and decrease the wear and tear all those foreign items were causing.

Many of our clients schedule regular cleans for their cars.

Why? -  lifestyle, time    or simply because         they want to.


Experience a clean         car by budgeting         from just  

   $10 per week.


Have your car transformed from

  used to new


Car from $275

4wd from $325


Cut/polish and buffing available

Detailing services for your car ...

The  paintwork on your car should be polished every 6-12 months.



For long lasting    shine and    protection.

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Everyone likes a clean fresh car to drive - make the inside shine