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Hi Dan


I would just like to say thank you for the fabulous job you didn on the car polish to the Jaguar.


I had only a vague notion on what was needed to fix the bonnet specks. You assessed it quickly and followed through with great results.


I would certainly like you to diarise me for another polish in six months.


Thank you for your courteous time and effort.

I will be recommending you for the company that 'make it shine'


Kind Regards




Thank you for the quick and effient service and what a great job. Cleaning a car is one of the things I hate to do the most. I was in need of a clean car as my football tribe make a mess, and I needed to pick up family from the airport.


You turned the disgrace into totally respectable. Thank you and I will certainly call again.


Many thanks




I wasn't even sure if the car really needed a clean but thought I would treat myself and the car to a "Make it Shine" - Polish and Detail.


Well the difference and presentation was amazing and unexpected. For a car that is only a few years old I didn't realise it looked so old and now the car looks new again.


Thank you for making the process of keeping my car looking so great, so easy.


With thanks




What customers are saying ...

 'Thank you very much indeed for your great                                         service.'


'It's the small touches that make the difference - you went beyond normal service and just polished out a small anoying mark on the paint, no problem and no charge.'


'Your service was really excellent - I appreciate the speed and efficiency of your work.'

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